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Mr. Yang and his cause of drop former granulator

1982-1986 * Enrolled in the Dalian University of Technology Department  of Chemical and Machinery, Bachelor of Science in the Public;

1986-1989 * Enrolled in the Dalian University of Technology Department  of Graduate School, on the research direction of Powder engineering and mechanical rotation;

1989-1990 * In the China National Petroleum Corporation Liaoning branch of Chemical Factory, polyethylene workshop, be a member of equipment;

1990-1992 * In the China National Petroleum Corporation of Mechanical Power Department, Machinery Institute of Technology,

the large rotating equipment Fault Diagnosis engineers;

* Invention Machine needle-dropping, Patent No: 922161321;

* Design a needle-dropping molding granulator for the Anshan chemical plant, for C-9 petroleum resin granulation;

1992-1996 * In Sweden SANDVIK Group, Department of Chemical Germany Transmission system, do a Chemical equipment maintenance mechanics 、granulator project manager、Sales Representative and other posts,responsible for all the SANDVIK's business in China. 

* By German experts, international maintenance center manager Wolfgang Weber, professional training system, together with him and do the maintenance of granulating machine work. 

* He operate on behalf of the company to users technical training staff.

* German experts were awarded for dropping molding granulator technical China.

* invention Rotary drop former granulator, Patent No:932289967;

1996-1997 * He reconstructed the Panjin chemical plants from the SANDIVK company produced two anhydride granulator nose.

* Design a equipment, applicable paraffin and hot melt adhesive, For the FuShun academe.

* Design a flaker, apply to epoxy resin, for the Sinopec Yueyang Petrochemical Company epoxy resin plant. 

* Invention Sharp nozzle rotating granulator, Patent No:96225925.X;

* Indexed to the "Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese inventors", Red Flag Publishing House;

* Indexed to the "World Elite Featured patented technology.", China Enterprise Management Publishing House.

* Indexed to the "Dictionary of Chinese experts", Editor-in-chief of State Personnel, China personnel published;

*  Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong was appointed technical adviser Press;

1997-1999 1.And the Beijing Chemical Machinery Factory, made five Sharp nozzle granulator.( First-generation technology)

2. First generation of sharp nozzle granulator technology has been adopted by Sinopec Group ministerial-level appraisal.

3. Mr. Yang made and the project's overall design people.

* Invention Sharp nozzle Granulator, Patent No: 982380658;

* Invention Drop former Granulation machine systems (The second-generation technology, With computer on-line monitoring、DCS Systems、Electromechanical Integration) Patent No:992247136;

2000-2007 * SHANGHAI REBO GRANULATOR CO.,LTD one of the founders, the post of chairman.

* Invention the Rotating shell of Sharp nozzle granulator, Patent No: 022096027;

* Invention the Body movements of Sharp nozzle granulator, Patent No: 022741771;

* Invention the belt Sharp nozzle granulator, Patent No: 200420032041;

* Invention the Sharp nozzle drop former granulator, Patent No: 2004200302056;

* Invention the Rotating shell of Sharp nozzle granulator, Patent No: 2004300991410;

* Invention the Sharp nozzle granulator, Patent No: 2004201084491;

* By the end of 2005, he designed and reconstruct imports of Germany, the United States granulator Total 19 Tai.

* In Jiangyin city, he was responsible for the introduction of high-temperature(320 degrees),high-speed (90 m /  min)Polyester granulator implementation of the transformation.

* China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation in the Daqing Petrochemical Branch, he was responsible for technological innovations paraffin granulator ,to yield a single machine (2600 kg / hour).