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Application of PID controller in the temperature control system of extruder

Jun 07, 2016

Current fluctuation in the temperature control system of extruder temperature range, large overshoot of the shortcomings, we design a PLC-controlled multi-loop temperature temperature control system for plastics extrusion machine. PID controller PLC, by scaling the analog output modules, control of thyristor conduction quantity and thus the heating rate control, while retaining the original cooling fan links improved temperature control system of extruder to achieve precise temperature control. Temperatures were industrial production and living in one of the most commonly used parameters, temperature control system is widely used in civilian industry, electric box, as well as electrical and mechanical control system. Temperature control of plastic extruder, extruder control system is one of the key technologies. Plastic extrusion, effect of temperature of molten material directly affects the quality of products, such as products, shrinkage and residual stresses on the surface of the stability of product quality.