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Disc granulator granulation process details

Jun 07, 2016

All the compound fertilizer granulation is the important process of powder granulation technology, it is not only the product of internal and external quality, and relates to the size and cost of production, and grain production process apart from the physico-chemical properties of the material itself, and close relationship with granulation equipment and machinery in the form of performance. Main types of granulation equipment disk grain making machine, drum granulator, extruding and pelletizing machine and spray granulation drying machines. Disc granulator is by tilting the granulating disk, drives, disc tilt adjusting mechanism, machine frame, feeding tube, liquid sprayers, cut-off plate and other parts of the. Disc granulator tilt angle adjustment range 35 ° ~55 °, speed n=10~18r/min. Angle is too small, the long retention time, particle size is too large.