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Granulator domestic development situation

Jun 07, 2016

Facing a serious energy and environmental challenges, China recently in a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable scientific development Outlook as a guideline, developed between 2020 and medium-and long-term energy development strategy of science and technology development plan, the energy, environment and the formulation of development strategies, and also for the development of Chinese plastics granulator technology points the way, exploring the road to development of new plastic granulator technology is imperative. Compared to the other operations and in industrial and agricultural production, plastic granulating process of energy-saving and pollution prevention task is particularly urgent. Plastic granulator work relating to broad areas of the national economy, it is not only an indispensable basic production of a large number of industrial and agricultural products, plastic granulator is China's energy, with energy accounting for 12% per cent of the total energy consumption of the national economy. In addition, the pollution caused by plastic granulator is often an important source of environmental pollution in China, plastic granulator technology progress with the development of the national economy as a whole has a very close relationship.