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Single-chip microcomputer in granulating machine and its application in planetary temperature control system of extruder

Jun 07, 2016

The production of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) soft long traditional route rolling thin-film processes, energy consumption and the labor intensity of workers, poor working environment conditions, low level of automation. Guizhou Chiba plastics co planetary extruder original system cannot meet the needs of production, the need for oil temperature control system transformation. Extruder in the production process of the planet gear set (barrel) and the Center screw of the appropriate temperature control. Due to the planetary extruder barrel, screw short material inside the plastic mixing time is short if the Center screw temperature control, material side, appears in quest of unburned material, material of the plastic was not even intended, directly affect the quality of surface and internal quality. Through practical experience shows that the Center screw temperature should best 10℃ higher than the temperature of the outer sleeve, plastic can make the material evenly. Because the sleeve and screw with heat-conducting oil heating, temperature sensitive.