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The basic knowledge of mechanical manufacturing processes

Jun 07, 2016

Production process: manufacturing of mechanical products, raw materials or semi-finished products to the sum of the products of the labor process, known as the production process. It includes: production technical preparations (such as product design, process design and special process equipment design and manufacturing, production and production organization of work) and the transport and storage of raw materials and semi-finished products; rough manufacturing, machining, heat treatment and surface treatment of parts parts and product Assembly, debugging, testing and painting and packaging. It should be noted that these "raw" and "product" concept is the opposite of a factory "products" may be another plant of "raw material", while another plant "product" could also be the other factories of "raw material". Because in the modern manufacturing industry, are usually organized specialized production, such as automotive, automobile tires, instrumentation, electrical components, standard parts and many other components are made of other professional plant production, automobile factory production of key components and parts, and finally assembled into complete cars. Products are organized by specialized production, the production process of the plant easier, improve product quality, increase productivity and reduce costs, is a modern developing trends of machinery industry.