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A New Drop-former System Of Decentralization Of Environmental Protection And Economic Value

Jul 12, 2017

A new Drop-former System of decentralization of environmental protection and economic value

The Drop-former System, as the main production equipment for the environmental clean energy biomass pellet fuel, has attracted the attention of all sectors of society and has been strongly supported by the government. At present, the development of new clean and environment-friendly energy sources in China is becoming more and more intense, which brings great advantages to the promotion of the use of biomass granulator processing equipment. Use of straw, sawdust and other raw materials by decentralizing form biomass pellet fuel system processing, at the time of combustion by incomplete combustion and emissions that cause, and high calorific value, leaving residue is also crops need of potash.

China has vigorously developed a new type of clean and environment-friendly energy, widely promoted the use of biomass pellets fuel, and has been directly supported by the environmental protection department. Fastest growing when belong to environmental protection and energy saving equipment on the market at present, Drop-former System is worthy to produce renewable energy equipment, a complete set of equipment including crusher, dryer, granulator, cooling machine and dust processing equipment. The equipment of fuel granule should be used for a long time, the production and production of the prophase manufacturers are on the one hand, and the daily maintenance in the later stage is inseparable. To master the techniques and techniques, the temperature should be controlled when molding, and the operating system should be consistent.

In recent years, China's Drop-former System industry has developed rapidly and the environment has been further improved. Thanks to the dedication of biomass granule production line, the environment has been further improved while creating benefits for us. This combination of economic and environmental benefits is worth promoting.

Drop-former System as a new type of environmental protection equipment. The advantages of biofuel production are obvious. The Drop-former System has three advantages for biofuels. In the first place. From the aspects of environmental protection, biomass wood pellet fuel containing sulfur, nitrogen, ash content is extremely low, in line with the index of clean fuel, burning without using any measures can meet the national requirements of environmental protection, and biomass sawdust particles are agricultural wastes as raw materials, production process does not produce "three wastes" pollution, etc. It's the next mainstream fuel.

Second, the growing shortage of fossil energy, the price also is higher, the biomass energy is a new kind of energy, has many characteristics, such as environmental protection, low prices, reliable, use of biological energy substitute natural gas, fuel oil, etc., can realize energy-saving benefit.

In the end, the state to the use of clean energy, energy conservation and emissions reduction, the stage of a series of subsidies, financing and other preferential policies, Drop-former System to vigorously promote the use of biomass energy to curb air warming and cooling global economy.

Biomass wood chips have high fuel calorific value and no pollution. Compared with coal and oil, it is economical and cost-effective. The saved funds can be reinvested to promote economic prosperity. Granule fuel combustion ashes, because it is a biological material processing, Drop-former System so can be used directly the most straw fertilizer use, also can be mixed with other organic fertilizer to use, power agriculture development.

The use of various biomass wastes as raw material production in the Drop-former System is well worth promoting in China. Moreover, the recycling of waste has also reduced the waste area and maintained the city's appearance. For environmental protection, resource regeneration, and development of new energy, it is all good! The widespread use of granule fuel can reduce the exploitation and use of coal resources, exploitation of oil resources, and reduce the dependence of energy imports. It is also very helpful for our economic independence.