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Analysis Of Product Filtering System

Sep 05, 2017

Analysis of Product Filtering System
    Domestic Product Filtering System production began in the late 1970s, when the product standardization, complete sets, the level of low level, stereotypes less products. Since the 1990s, the relevant departments of the country have carried out technological transformation of the major Product Filtering System manufacturing enterprises, improved the manufacturing capacity and manufacturing level, and the production level of the city's Product Filtering System and its associated general equipment has been very Greatly improved.
      For the full control of pollutant emissions target, "water ten" in terms of order, ink or wording point of view, are more Jianjian industry, and industrial waste unit processing capacity of the Product Filtering System has been much more difficult than the municipal sewage treatment The Therefore, it is foreseeable that the future growth engine of the Product Filtering System will be headed by industrial wastewater treatment.
The difficulty of industrial sewage treatment itself is large, the need to spend the equipment or pharmaceutical bias professional, the general small environmental protection companies have no way to take industrial sewage. I produced the product research and development of the Product Filtering System to deal with some simple small industrial wastewater. Not only save resources and protect the sewage discharge standards. The project uses biochemical method to treat industrial wastewater.
         Product Filtering Systems (MBR membrane bioreactors) are water and water issues, water technology and drainage technology, membrane technology and biotechnology perfect and unified. MBR and traditional sewage treatment methods are very different: after aerobic aeration and biological treatment of water, filtered by the filter after the filter out. It replaces the traditional biochemical process in the secondary sedimentation tank and three treatment process. As the existence of MBR membrane greatly improved the ability of system solid-liquid separation, so that the system water, water quality and volume load have been greatly improved, after the membrane treatment of water quality standards (more than the national A-level standards), after disinfection, Product Filtering System And finally the formation of high quality water and biological safety of high quality recycled water, can be directly as a new source of water. Due to the filtration of the membrane, the microbes are completely trapped in the membrane bioreactor, and the complete separation of the hydraulic retention time and the sludge age is achieved, eliminating the sludge expansion problem in the traditional activated sludge process. The membrane bioreactor has the advantages of high efficiency of pollutant removal, high nitrification ability, simultaneous nitrification, denitrification and denitrification, stable water quality, low residual sludge production, tight equipment, small footprint, incremental Easy expansion, a high degree of automation, simple operation and so on.
      In terms of the overall technical level of China's Product Filtering System, compared with the advanced level of international developed countries, whether it is in the technical standards of Product Filtering System, safety and reliability of equipment operation, durability, or operating efficiency, energy consumption and so on There is still a large gap, especially the high technological content of the special Product Filtering System and a new type of water treatment equipment China's current technology is still far from the international advanced level, technology is still in the primary exploration stage. Therefore, in order to shorten the level of China's Product Filtering System as soon as possible with the international advanced level of the gap, we next step to strengthen the special equipment and new general-purpose equipment, theoretical research and technology development, and strive in the next few years to our high-end Product Filtering System to achieve a certain level of industrialization, and then lead the level of China's Product Filtering System has a low-end high-end, so that China has entered the ranks of the world's advanced Product Filtering System.
Because the product filter system design is relatively simple, in the use of everyone want to maximize the filter area, in order to do this, it is recommended to put the filter cloth placed flat, never folded. After a period of time, to promptly with the filter cloth or cleaning filter cloth to ensure that the filter cloth on the clean.
You know that in addition to filter cloth can improve efficiency, the appropriate increase in pressure can also improve efficiency. It is to use the flow of the filtrate to provide kinetic energy, while the formation of pressure difference, when the filter reaches a certain value, the pressure difference will increase, the faster the flow rate of the filter, resulting in improved filtration efficiency.