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Application Of Drop-former System In Air Compressor

Jun 19, 2017

Application of Drop-former System in air compressor
Cement plant production grinding process, the ambient air containing high dust concentration. Air compressor used in the dust filter device designed for the screen-type secondary dust. As the dust collection area is small, easy to plug the screen, can only filter the larger dust, filter effect is poor. Fine dust through the suction pipe into the air compressor, part of the dust stuck in the body to exacerbate the cylinder wear, suction exhaust valve, valve seat, spring and other parts must be disassembled every month to clean up, replace. Resulting in materials, accessories, high cost, more trouble, the use of low efficiency equipment, increasing the labor intensity of workers.
In recent years, we have used the ZKSG modular air muffler system (referred to as the new decentralization system) to replace the original Drop-former System. The Drop-former System is a new, efficient and low noise air Drop-former System with a variety of dust removal functions, such as cyclone, oil bath, oil film and filter, which can reduce the noise of the intake port and improve the noise Environment, reducing the air compressor dust and impurities contained in the air.
1, the new Drop-former System structure
As shown in the figure, air flows through routes A-B-C-D to E-F. The new system is cylindrical, the cylinder is divided into three parts: outer cylinder 5, inner cylinder 4, muffler cap 1. The upper part of the inner cylinder is the swirl plate 3 (or the guide vane) and the filter 2, and the lower part is connected with the outer cylinder.
3, filter and silencer principle intake
3.1 Principles of filtration
The air is sucked into the outer cylinder in the tangential direction and rotated at high speed in the outer cylinder. The dust particles of the airflow are separated under the centrifugal force to hit the outer cylinder wall and fall into the oil sump. When the airflow over the oil surface, fluctuations occur, entrain part of the air rotation, the formation of oil film in the inner wall. The dust in the air sticks on the oil film and is separated again to obtain secondary purification. The oil film flows downward along the inner cylinder wall to form an oil curtain, and the air is subjected to an oil bath through which the dust particles are separated. The air flow in the inner tube rotation rise, through the swirling plate to accelerate the rotation, the air flow entrainment of oil droplets part of the oil tank through the return pipe through the tube at the end of the tube, part of the wall along the inner wall, rinse the cylinder wall oil film, The capture of dust falling into the bottom of the barrel to produce new oil film; air flow through the filter to filter out the smaller dust and oil droplets, so as to achieve the purpose of purification. In this way, regular replacement of lubricants, you can ensure that the filter effect.
3.2 silencing principle
The noise of the air intake is the noise around the air compressor, mainly the mechanical noise and airflow noise caused by the operation of the air compressor. Combined air silencer system with tangential intake, while the air through the oil film, oil bath and filter. Increase the air damping and sub-grid, reducing the noise; air in the flow after several expansion, and at the top of the muffler cap have played a good muffler effect.