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Degradation Of Plastic Pieces Mixing Granulator

Jun 07, 2016

Native application of Japan's advanced technology and using grinding rapidly, continuously stirring, mixing frictional heating, cooling and contraction principle, plastic, wire, strip, sheets, soft plastic, foam materials, degradation of material waste and the resulting particles into reproduction, is the latest type of plastics recycling and granulating equipment ideal. Vinyl PVC, polypropylene, low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene, linear low-density polyethylene, a variety of soft plastic film, bags, wire, strip, sheets, pipe waste and waste recovery, investment in production. Super film recycling and production as a column. Due to plastic recycling is done by screw, and screw extrusion processing temperature is too high (180-200 degrees) so that the plastic completely fused, destroyed most of the properties of plastics if production, which greatly affects the quality of the product. After processing by this machine, does not damage such as tensile strength, viscosity, color does not change. Because the machine working temperature 80-100 degrees, so no effect of molecular structure of plastics. In the production process, native energy, high efficiency and easy operation.