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Drop-former System Adsorption Effect And Life Zeyang

Aug 03, 2017

Drop-former System adsorption effect and life Zeyang
Drop-former System cylinder using hydraulic simulation of long diameter design, and the use of reasonable size, specific surface area greater than 1000 ㎡ / g of high efficiency activated carbon, so that both the upper effects of filtration and the next layer of high efficiency adsorption and other functions, greatly improve the water purification And the life of carbon; by the living system of carbon adsorption filter after treatment of residual chlorine content: ≤ 0.1PPM; odor, organic matter, colloid, iron and residual chlorine and other outstanding performance; for reducing the water turbidity, Color, clean water quality, reduce the follow-up system (reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, ion exchange) pollution also has a very good effect.
       Decentralization system is a more commonly used water treatment equipment, as a water treatment desalination system pretreatment can be adsorbed in the pre-filtration can not remove the residual chlorine, can effectively guarantee the service life of the latter class, improve the water quality, to prevent pollution, especially to prevent After the reverse osmosis membrane, ion exchange resin and other free residual oxygen poisoning pollution. At the same time also adsorbed from the former level of leakage of small molecules such as organic pollutants, odor, colloid and pigment, heavy metal ions have a more obvious adsorption and removal, but also has the role of reducing COD.
       The main factors influencing the adsorption effect and service life of the Drop-former System are the type and concentration of pollutants, the residence time of airflow in the filter material, the temperature and humidity of the air. When the actual selection, according to the type of pollutants, concentration and processing air volume and other conditions to determine the filter form and activated carbon species. Decentralization system should have a good dust filter, the efficiency specifications should not be less than F7. The upstream filter prevents dust from clogging the activated carbon material; the downstream filter blocks the dust of the activated carbon itself.
Choose a suitable Drop-former System according to their own needs to choose, and Drop-former System is the same, a lot of friends have just contact the decentralization system, in the purchase time a bit blind, water treatment equipment for everyone to sum up a few Drop-former System Choose the method of Drop-former System and use, to help you choose the most suitable equipment!
As we all know, under normal circumstances the choice of Drop-former System according to the size of the water to decide, Drop-former System materials are usually A3 carbon steel (rubber, brush epoxy) 304 or 316 stainless steel, glass glue, etc., but also according to the water quality of water As well as the water quality requirements, you can choose single layer filter, double filter or multi-layer filter. The filter also has quartz sand, activated carbon, anthracite, manganese sand, etc. can choose.
Drop-former System uses:
First, the equipment in the pharmaceutical industry, the preparation of a good use of injection.
Second, the fertilizer, machinery production industry in the water treatment.
Third, brackish water desalination, space water production, drinking pure water treatment and purification.
The main factors influencing the adsorption of the system are: liquid filters
① the nature of activated carbon adsorbent
The higher the surface area, the stronger the adsorption capacity; activated carbon is a non-polar molecules, easy to adsorb non-polar or very low polarity of the adsorbate; activated carbon adsorbent particles size, pore structure and distribution and surface chemical properties The adsorption also has a great impact.
② the nature of the adsorbate
Depending on its solubility, surface free energy, polarity, size and unsaturation of adsorbate molecules, concentration of adherent matter, etc.
③ PH value of wastewater
Activated charcoal generally has a higher adsorption rate in acidic solutions than in alkaline solutions.
PH value will affect the presence of adsorbate in water and solubility, etc., thus affecting the adsorption effect.