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Drop-former System Application And Specific Selection Points

Oct 25, 2017

Drop-former System application and specific selection points
The Drop-former System has the characteristics of advanced structure, low resistance, convenient discharge and so on.
Decline the system for the media can be water, oil, gas. General water network for the 18 to 30 mesh, ventilation network for 10 to 100 mesh, oil network for the 100 to 480 mesh.
Drop-former System mainly by the take over, in charge, filter blue, flange, flange cover and fasteners and other components. When the liquid passes through the main pipe into the filter blue, the solid impurity particles are blocked in the filter blue, and the clean fluid passes through the filter blue and is discharged from the discharge system outlet.
With the efficiency of the system is closely related to the replacement of the filter cycle, many users believe that to extend the working life of the filter can reduce costs. On the contrary, the filter filled with dirt particles to increase the pressure of the various parts of the compressor, the entire compressed air station energy consumption will increase.
Therefore, unless some new solutions such as network-assisted functions of the Drop-former System environment monitor is applied, or should always pay attention to Drop-former System pressure changes.
When energy costs and Drop-former System costs are added to the minimum, it is the best time to replace these Drop-former Systems. In other words, if the cost of the filter material is lower than the energy cost of the old filter, it is the best time to replace the filter.
The Drop-former System should be installed according to the characteristics of the device.
Drop-former System specific selection points:
1) In general low-pressure installations with pressures below 140 kg / cm2, only inhalation systems are installed, but retrofitting systems and air Drop-former Systems should also be installed
2) In the general pressure of 140 kg / cm2 or more, the high pressure liquid apparatus generally controls the pollution concentration by the reflux system. However, when there is a special requirement for reliability, a high-pressure piping system should be used in combination.
3) electromagnetic proportional control valve or micro flow control valve, etc. To increase its reliability, should be set up terminal system.
4) When using the servo valve, efforts should be made to reduce the pollution concentration of the system. Therefore, the high pressure and return system should be used in combination. In the large capacity, the system should be set up and the terminal filter should be installed on the auxiliary pipeline.
We all know that our country's industrial development level is getting higher and higher, all kinds of industrial equipment and instruments are more sophisticated and widely used! For example, Drop-former System, it is more and more types, in many places play an irreplaceable role So that a variety of Drop-former System should be how to choose? Of course, the right medicine! First of all, and the diameter of the same pipe, and then it is able to withstand the pressure level to adapt to the environment, the most important thing is the hole, The role of the system is reflected here, the number of holes determines its degree of fine! Second, there are Drop-former System materials and loss of resistance and so on.
At present, as a very important component of industrial production operations, Drop-former Systems are used in a variety of equipment. It can make the normal operation of machinery and equipment, play a more secure process, stable and efficient role! In dealing with life, industrial production generated by the sewage has played a very big effect! Moreover, the role of Drop-former Systems in other industries have gradually emerged as an important equipment parts, it is in the promotion of industrial development contributed!