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Drop-former System Application Of Gravity Decreasing System In Hoist

May 18, 2017

 Drop-former System Gravity decontamination system in the hoist application In the process of running the hoisting machine, to improve the system failure, a short period of time can not be restored, usually the trapped personnel are to leave the cage, through the shaft wall escalator or near the arrival of work level. Gravity decentralization system using the imbalance force on both sides of the cage to achieve the operation of the cage, by manipulating the brake gate control handle, man-made control of braking force to achieve the speed control of the cage. The cage is raised or lowered to the bottom of the tank to improve the safety of rescuing the trapped person

Drop-former System Preface Zhuji Dong coal gangue wells to install a hoist for the floor-type multi-rope friction hoist JKMD-5 × 4 (Ⅲ) type 1, rated maximum static tension 1250KN, rated maximum static and negative pressure 180KN, equipped with a set of double Car double cage (wide cans, narrow cans each one), configure a 2200KW, model ZKJ 3100/600 DC motor, using DC control, the main drive system for the SISTEAM C30 modular multiprocessor,

The general use of lifts, various lifts related technology is also the same update, and now, most of the lift ladders rely on power as a driving force to drive their work, but sometimes due to power supply terminal or other circumstances will cause Lifting freight ladder can not be used normally, is the staff and equipment at high altitude how to safely return to the ground, and now we discuss this issue, mainly introduced as follows:

    Drop-former System As the power supply is interrupted or other conditions cause the hydraulic system to stop, people who are working at high altitudes and equipment can safely return to the ground, we have set up a hydraulic system in the emergency system. It is mainly composed of a high-pressure cut-off valve, usually they are in the cut-off state, to maintain the normal operation of the system. Schematic diagram below the oil in addition to the oil port are connected with the valve, the valve is the center of the type of body. In the event of failure, can be regarded as unreasonable. In the event of a hydraulic system stop failure: first use the manual operation to open the cut valve. At this time the use of the boom and the table produced by the weight of the load driven by the rodless cylinder rods produce oil pressure. As the cut-off valve has been turned on, the oil directly drives the telescopic cylinder piston to force the telescopic cylinder retract to retract the boom. Retract the use of open and close cut-off valve to control the boom retraction speed. And then wait until the arm is fully retracted after the closing number of the cut-off valve, by opening and closing the $ stop valve to control the amplitude of the cylinder alone retraction, so that the boom hem until the table completely down to a safe position. Then all shut down the valve, the system has returned to its original state, such as system repair or restore power supply, restart the hydraulic system, the platform can work properly.

    Drop-former System Now, the technology of all aspects of the elevator is becoming more and more mature, and the technology of lifting and lowering the elevator is also improving. Our road ahead is becoming more and more broad, and it is believed that the lift industry will face a time of taking off