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Effect Of Feed Volume On Granulation Effect Of Pastillator Main System

Sep 14, 2017

Effect of feed volume on granulation effect of Pastillator Main System
The effect of feeding amount on the granulation effect of the working part of the Pastillator Main System is related to the speed of the feed roller and the distance between the rollers. If the speed of the roller is increased and the roll distance is increased, The production capacity of the Pastillator Main System is increased, whereas the amount of feed is reduced and the production capacity of the Pastillator Main System is reduced. Feeding volume is too large, made of coarse particles, and uneven, affecting the drying effect. The roll distance is generally adjusted according to the speed and softness of the compound feed, so that it is synchronized with the feed rate. The author through the study and analysis, feed roller (rear roller) line speed of 4.7m / s-5.6m / s more appropriate, roller gap adjustment in the range of 0.3-1.5mm ideal.
Pastillator Main System control system description:
The control system of the Pastillator Main System consists of a heating system, a cooling system and a process parameter measuring system consisting mainly of electrical appliances, meters and actuators (ie, control panels and compartments). Its main role is: to control and adjust the main and auxiliary motor drag motor, output in line with the requirements of the process speed and power, and can make the main and auxiliary machine coordination; detection and regulation Pastillator Main System in the plastic temperature, pressure, Control of the entire unit or automatic control.
The electrical control of the extruder is divided into two parts: drive control and temperature control. The extrusion process includes temperature, pressure, screw rotation, screw cooling, barrel cooling, product cooling and outside diameter control, and traction speed , Clean the cable and ensure that the reel from the empty disk to the full disk of the constant tension control.
    1. Pastillator Main System The temperature control of the host
    Wire and cable insulation and sheathing of the plastic extrusion is based on thermoplastic deformation characteristics, so that in the viscous flow state. In addition to the requirements of the screw and barrel external heating, spread to the plastic melt to squeeze out, but also consider the screw extrusion plastic itself when the heat, so the host temperature should be considered from the whole, it is necessary to consider the heater heating open and Off, but also consider the screw out of the heat spill the factors to be cooled, there must be effective cooling facilities. And requires a correct and reasonable determination of the location of the measuring element thermocouple and installation methods, from the temperature meter readings accurately reflect the actual temperature of each section of the host. As well as the accuracy of the temperature control system with the system with the accuracy of the host temperature control system to achieve the stability of the stability of a variety of plastic extrusion temperature requirements.
    2. Pastillator Main System pressure control
    In order to reflect the extrusion of the nose, the need to detect the extrusion head pressure, as the domestic Pastillator Main System no head pressure sensor, the screw is generally measured after the thrust of the measurement of alternative head pressure measurement, screw load table (Ammeter or voltmeter) can correctly reflect the size of the extrusion pressure. The fluctuation of the extrusion pressure is also one of the important factors that cause the instability of the extrusion. The fluctuation of the extrusion pressure is closely related to the extrusion temperature, the use of the cooling device, the length of the continuous operation time. Pastillator Main System When the abnormal phenomenon, can be ruled out the rapid elimination of the need to reorganize the production should be decisive downtime, not only to avoid the increase in waste, more to prevent the occurrence of the accident. By reading the pressure gauge readings, you can know the plastic pressure in the extrusion state, generally take the rear thrust limit alarm control.
    3. Screw speed control
    Screw speed adjustment and stability of the host drive is one of the important process requirements. Screw speed directly determine the amount of glue and extrusion speed, the normal production of the total hope to achieve the maximum speed and achieve high yield, the Pastillator Main System requirements screw speed from the start to the required working speed, the available speed range The And the stability of the speed requirements are high, because the speed of the fluctuations will lead to fluctuations in the amount of extrusion, affecting the extrusion quality, so the traction line speed does not change circumstances, it will cause changes in cable diameter. Similarly, Pastillator Main System such as traction device line speed fluctuations will also cause changes in cable diameter, screw and traction line speed can be reflected through the corresponding instrument on the console, extrusion should be closely observed to ensure high quality and high yield.