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Granulator Technology Review Of Preliminary Study On Extruding Granulator Cylinder Sealing Retrofit

Jun 07, 2016

Extruding and pelletizing machine is the heart of the polypropylene plant equipment, cylinder seal extrusion granulator, as an important part of the life directly affect the smooth running of extruding granulator. Because of the high price of imported spare parts with a long lead time, so work to retrofit. In the process of transformation, operating parameters of the cylinder seal, rational design of seal structure, select the appropriate sealing material, and carefully and check the sealing parameters, by actual use, its service life has met or exceeded the import spare parts, extruding and pelletizing machine running smoothly. Sealed surface friction Deputy material of select is the transformation in the of difficulties one of, we selection has friction Deputy hard on soft of paired, due to tube body sealed axis diameter larger, sealed ring overall size also larger, so moving ring material of density also became has consider of focus, after different material of parties face than, we select has high since lubrication sex polymer material as moving ring material, it has thermal conductivity rate high, heat sex better, resistance corrosion sex excellent, and density smaller, features, especially has height since lubrication sex.