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How To Choose The Pastillator Main System Correctly

Jun 26, 2017

How to choose the Pastillator Main System correctly
The main body of the waste system is a new generation of efficient waste main body system developed on the basis of absorbing the most advanced filtration technology. The electric brush cleaning device can be used to solve the traditional Pastillator Main System. clean.
What is the role of the filter bag in the filter? As one of the important components of the filter, whether it is any product, its quality to a large extent determine the user's filtering effect.
Is also a key part of the filtration process, the choice of the main waste system should generally use the world's leading enterprises produced by the filter cloth, and the use of professional production equipment manufactured, preferably with the patent structure of the ring.
So in the choice of garbage when the main system should also be based on their own needs to choose.
Pastillator Main System generally according to their own performance is divided into many different types, each have its own characteristics, take the main body of liquid waste system is mainly the following four characteristics:
1. The main body of the liquid waste system has no high protrusions after the improvement of the suture, so there is no phenomenon that the phenomenon of the side leakage does not occur.
2. Liquid waste main body system material is divided into polyester and polypropylene nylon and other waste main system type, the filter precision range of high precision.
3. Liquid waste main system filter bag marked on the product specifications of the label all selected to facilitate the way off, the purpose is to prevent the filter bag in the use of labels and ink on the phenomenon of pollution of the filtrate.
4. Liquid waste main body system does not produce silicone oil pollution problem, because the design of the use of silicone oil-free high-speed industrial sewing machine production produced.
High temperature dust bag bag filter bag factory technician detailed introduction common application problem:
1. when to replace the Pastillator Main System?
There are two ways to determine when to replace the Pastillator Main System:
1) to fully follow the experience to roughly determine the replacement time.
2) in the bag filter inlet and outlet pipes are installed on the pressure gauge, through the pressure gauge before and after the pressure difference to determine the time to replace the Pastillator Main System, the general garbage system can withstand the pressure of 0.5 ~ 1kg / Cm2 or so, when the pressure reaches this range, should be promptly replaced filter bag to avoid bag cracking, affecting the filter effect, not because of small loss.
2. Filter by level
Bag filter can be installed in series to achieve gradual filtering.
If installed in the front of the filter for high-precision filtration, you can significantly reduce the filtration costs. The same can also be sand filter and other filtering methods combined with the bag filter, thereby further enhancing the filter quality and reduce the cost of filtering bags.