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How To Solve The Problem Of Drop-former System Noise

Aug 24, 2017

How to solve the problem of Drop-former System noise
Decentralization system in the daily use of the process, there may be a noise phenomenon. What happens when there is noise on the Drop-former System?
1, out of the room pipelines, pipes, cable trenches without noise muffler.
2, Drop-former System outside the pipe through the sound insulation when the shell without shock damping treatment, with the living structure of resonance.
3, Drop-former System existing sound insulation shell is only considered sound absorption did not do noise damping, sound waves through the sound-absorbing surface after the sound energy has been attenuated (but at this time to filter out the sound waves are mainly in the high-frequency-based, and for low-frequency Isolation almost did not play any effect) sound through the sound-absorbing level will also stimulate the sound insulation of the steel structure of the shock.
4, it is necessary to point out that the initial installation of the foundation system is not supporting the damping suppression vibration process (which is the main reason for the close surface vibration).
5, the existing ventilation system ventilation system inlet and outlet position only to do a simple shutters, for the low-frequency heat exchanger unit in terms of leakage noise, almost no isolation effect, while the operation of the existing equipment cooling requirements Do not meet (no drainage design is difficult to ensure adequate ventilation, cooling requirements can not reach).
When the Drop-former System noise, we not only to analyze the reasons, more importantly, to solve the problem of Drop-former System noise.
Drop-former System for cleaning reasons
    Decentralization and piping lines in the use of long-term will produce a lot such as coking, oil dirt, scale, sediment, corrosion products, polymers, and other dirt. If not timely cleaning will affect the normal use of Drop-former System. Let us Shandong Ningjin Xinyi Heat Exchange Equipment Co., Ltd. for everyone to tell us about the reasons for the decentralization system?
    The resulting dirt will cause the equipment and pipeline lines to fail, the system will produce production decline, energy consumption, material consumption and other adverse conditions, particularly serious corrosion of the process will make the process interruption, the device system was forced to stop production, and even possible malignant Production accident. In the scientific development today to completely prevent the production of dirt is almost impossible, so the Drop-former System and other equipment cleaning has become industrial production, especially in petrochemical and thermal power plant production is an indispensable part.
The system controller controls the primary control valve opening degree, the secondary side circulating pump, the replenishment pump speed and the secondary air flow rate by monitoring the outdoor temperature, the pressure of the primary side, the secondary side pipe network, the temperature, the flow rate and the current, voltage and electric quantity. Running the number of pumps, etc., to achieve a good quality of the central heating of social effects and low-cost operation of the thermal station, the purpose of economic operation. OMEXELL thermal network control experts using the world's most advanced German siemens intelligent control system, combined with China's actual heat transfer conditions, the second development, for different needs of users with the best solution.
Drop-former System remote monitoring automatic unattended control program
In addition to the above control function, the heat exchanger unit with this control mode has the following functions: remote communication function, different communication modes: cable (telephone dialing, ADSL, broadband communication, etc.) or wireless (GPRS, etc.) (Ethernet, PPP, TCP / IP, etc.). Through the above communication mode, the heat exchanger unit primary and secondary side temperature, pressure, flow, outdoor temperature and indoor temperature, circulating pump and water pump running and operating frequency, electric control valve opening and other unit parameters in real time Upload to the central management station, or with the building automation system (BAS) to connect the heat transfer unit on-line monitoring, and has a high water supply alarm, backwater pressure is too low alarm, the tank level is too low alarm, Water pressure overpressure alarm, overpressure automatic pressure relief, automatic power protection and linkage and other functions.