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Impact Resistance Of Low Alloy Wear-resistant Lining Used In Rod Mill

Jun 07, 2016

Test the chemical composition and the heat treatment process is selected, the production of impact resistance of low alloy wear-resistant liner, Rod mill in angang yongtong sintering applications, good results have been achieved. Company original liner with an average service life of 3 months to years, and often due to deformation of the lining, issues such as fragmentation, fracture, caused removal extremely difficult, unable to meet production requirements. Since it began after the low alloy wear-resistant lining, with an average life expectancy of 1.5 years, more than twice times more original life of high manganese steel, significantly reducing downtime maintenance times, reduces the production cost. Moderate to join in carbon steel Cr,Mn,Mo,Re and other alloying elements, be has good mechanical properties and high quality wear-resistant steel of high hardness of materials. Good casting, heat treatment of the material properties, sand casting process, heat treatment process easier to control. Impact resistance of low alloy wear-resistant lining the dry quenching and tempering hardness HRC of more than 535, impact toughness more than 43.1J/cm2 AK. Applications in sintering Rod mill barrel lining received good results, than the original service life of high manganese steel lining plate 1.5~2.0 times higher.