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Installation And Use Of Drop-former System

Jun 26, 2017

Installation and use of Drop-former System
Between the decentralized system and the engine inlet pipe whether the use of flange, rubber pipe connection or direct connection, must be tight and reliable, to prevent leakage, the filter must be installed on both sides of the rubber gasket; fixed system cover the wing nut can not twist Tight, so as not to crush the paper filter. In the maintenance, the paper filter can not be placed in the oil cleaning, otherwise the paper filter will fail, but also easily lead to accident. Maintenance, can only use the vibration method, soft brush division (to follow its wrinkle brush) or compressed air blowing method to remove the paper filter attached to the surface of the dust, dirt. For the rough filter part, should be timely removal of dust collection parts, leaves and whirlwind, etc. dust. Even if each time can be carefully maintained, the paper filter can not completely restore the original performance, the intake resistance will increase, therefore, generally when the paper filter needs a second maintenance, it should replace the new filter. If the paper filter crack, perforation or filter paper and end caps degumming and other issues, should be replaced immediately.
In use, to prevent the decentralized system is wet by the rain, because once the paper core adsorption of a lot of water, will greatly increase the intake resistance, shorten the mission. In addition, the core release system can not be in contact with oil and fire. Some of the vehicle engines are equipped with a whirlwind system, the plastic cover at the end of the paper filter is a shroud, the blade leaves the air to rotate, 80% of the dust in the centrifugal force of separation, collected in the dust collection, arrived in paper Filter dust is 20% of the amount of dust inhalation, the total filtration efficiency of 99.7%. Therefore, the maintenance of whirlwind decentralized system, be careful not to filter the nut on the drain cover.
Decentralized system cleaning system generally use manual, timing and constant pressure three control modes. Manual cleaning: Manual cleaning The decentralized system is now a model commonly used in most low-end decentralization systems. As the cleaning staff can not accurately determine the filter bag or cartridge surface dust how much, so can not clean the system at the exact time, time or early or late, will directly affect the normal operation of the vacuum. Timing cleaning: Timely cleaning and decommissioning systems are widely used in today's low-end Drop-former System, and are relatively easy to operate. They can effectively control the internal pressure and operating resistance of the decentralized system, but this is not the most cost-effective method. The reason is that the manual setting time can not guarantee that the system bag or cartridge is clean when cleaning is required. Set the interval is long, will lead to decentralized system work resistance is too large, the motor running power becomes larger, the flow of air to reduce, resulting in motor overheating, so that the motor to reduce the life or burn. Set the interval is short, decentralized system bag or filter running resistance is not very high, this time will be discharged to the system bag or filter cartridge more than once the damage, for a long time will affect the decentralized system bag or filter Of the service life. Fixed pressure cleaning: fixed pressure cleaning system is the current high-end decentralization system will be used in a clean mode. Constant pressure is the most cost-effective way to clean the system at present, because the fundamental purpose of the clean-down system is to control and stabilize the differential pressure. Constant pressure cleaning is mainly based on the decentralized system of the system bag or filter cartridge pressure difference to control when the cleaning system. When the release of the system bag or cartridge above the dust gradually accumulate, the accumulation of more time will form a filter resistance, when the resistance reaches the critical point will automatically start the cleaning system.