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Pastillator Main System Of The Scope Of Work And Design Of The Original Intention

Aug 03, 2017

Pastillator Main System of the scope of work and design of the original intention
Pastillator Main System is that we draw on the majority of users after the design and manufacture of the proposed, it changed the original water and sewage direction, making the water purification effect is better, more by the majority of users. This product is the life of drinking water and food water and other water treatment is necessary to set up a Pastillator Main System prepared. Turbidity <5 mm / liter of water through the equipment after treatment, can be clear and transparent, dry alcohol delicious, non-toxic, sterile, no smell, can be directly drinking water. Purified water in line with national drinking water quality standards.
The equipment can remove heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, zinc, iron, manganese, chromium and other heavy metals in the water, and remove the high molecular compounds such as arsenic, hydride, sulfide and residual chlorine in the water. Strontium, radium and other radioactive substances, remove and kill bacteria and E. coli and other carcinogens in water. Is the life of drinking water, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industrial water purification of the ideal water supply equipment. Pastillator Main System structure is simple, easy operation and maintenance. Applicable to water quality requirements of higher food, beverage, chemical and other enterprises and institutions, but also used in hotels, guesthouses, troops, stations, terminals. Water supply equipment for industrial and domestic water use.
Garbage body system regeneration method a lot, we summed up the eight methods introduced to everyone.
First, the heating regeneration method. Used in the waste treatment of the main body of the system, in its filter material saturation, failure can be used after the process of heating desorption regeneration.
Second, the microwave radiation regeneration method is based on the heating regeneration method, the use of microwave radiation can be converted into heat energy, the water and organic matter adsorbed in the channel heat and carbonization, so that the activated carbon re-open the channel.
Third, the oxidation regeneration method, is the use of strong oxidants ozone will daughter in the activated carbon on the organic pollutants effective decomposition.
Fourth, the ozone oxidation regeneration method, is the use of ozone as oxidants will be adsorbed on activated carbon on the decomposition of organic matter.
Fifth, Pastillator Main System the photocatalytic regeneration method is the use of photocatalytic surface photons excited by the high activity of strong oxidants OH radicals, the vast majority of organic organic pollutants in water oxidation, the gradual oxidation of the period to explain the final generation of harmless or low Toxic substance method.
Sixth, the biological regeneration method, the use of microbial action will be adsorbed on the activated carbon on the organic pollutants oxidation, decomposition method.
Seventh, the ultrasonic regeneration method is achieved by reducing the physical bonding between the adsorbent and the adsorbate.
Now people are more and more awareness of environmental protection, environmental protection work more and more attention, especially for the sewage treatment, do more and more work. Our company is a professional production of sewage treatment equipment company, Pastillator Main System is the company's representative equipment, sewage treatment system is the main system of the most commonly used products. As the relatively large shipments, Pastillator Main System the company will generally advance delivery, so customers do not immediately install the use of time, to do a good job storage.
Equipment acceptance
The customer must be in accordance with the terms of the contract for acceptance, and carefully check the equipment has not been damaged due to transport.
Equipment storage
If the customer does not install immediately after acceptance, Pastillator Main System it must be stored. No special precautions are required except for parts other than those that have been shipped. The use of foam packaging paper can not prevent the UV does not deform, if the sewage treatment equipment stored on the outside recommended foam packaging paper covered with a layer of UV deformation plastic.