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Principle And Common Faults Of Pastillator Main System

Jun 19, 2017

Principle and Common Faults of Pastillator Main System
1. Pastillator Main System is widely used in steam, air, water, oil and other media pipeline, the protection of pipeline system equipment, pumps, valves, etc., from the pipeline, rust, welding slag and other impurities Clogged and damaged. Pipeline waste main body system generally consists of two forms, one is the Y-type Pastillator Main System, one is the blue-type Pastillator Main System, which Y-type Pastillator Main System is more commonly used.
2. Pastillator Main System is an indispensable product in the pipeline, usually installed in the relief valve, pressure relief valve, water level valve integrated equipment, the import side, from the elimination of impurities in the media to prevent the phenomenon of other equipment blocked plug The In the media through a certain filter with a certain filter after the impurity is blocked, need to remove the filter when the filter, the debris inside clean and then re-installed on it, easy to remove, easy maintenance. The main body of the Pastillator Main System is mainly composed of coarse filter, fine filter, suction pipe, stainless steel brush or stainless steel nozzle, sealing ring, anticorrosive coating, rotating shaft and so on. Application process can be selected according to different conditions.
3. Pastillator Main System is mainly used in large particles, large solid impurities or thick pipes as a protection of machinery and equipment, instruments are not obstructed by debris, to ensure its work can be normal operation. Y-type garbage main body system is not only simple structure, and the production process is less, as long as the correct selection of the filter cartridge, can guarantee the normal operation of other systems, it is easy to clean, large amount of pollutants, easy installation and so on. Its investment is small, functional and strong.
4. Filter generally according to the different media to choose a different filter, tap water is generally selected for the 18-30 mesh, the gas selection filter for 10-100 mesh, oil selection filter for the 100-480 mesh, the user according to Different choice of mining.
5. Trash the main system failure, under normal circumstances the filter is easy to be blocked, out of this situation, only need to take out the filter to re-install the filter can be. When the filter is damaged, can not filter impurities, only need to buy when the corresponding filter can be installed, if the seal is damaged, because the Pastillator Main System seal for the hard seal, for this situation, need to replace the Pastillator Main System, or Welding seal.