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Product Filtering System Has The Use Of The Scope And Function Of The Points

Aug 03, 2017

Product Filtering System has the use of the scope and function of the points
First of all, each Product Filtering System generally have a range of use and function of the points, theoretically, as long as the accuracy of each filter can meet the filtration requirements, Product Filtering System accuracy is very little relationship between the filter structure, In the filter material, the activated carbon filter product filter system only determines the filtration process and the way. So we select the filter time, the first thing to consider is the actual use of the filter and our filter requirements are consistent, otherwise it will bring a series of problems, such as the filter flux is relatively large circumstances, we will often consider Bag filter, folding filter or PE \ PA large flux filter, then this time should also consider the viscosity of the masterbatch filter, the working temperature, the amount of slag content, like water-soluble materials, we can use Filter filter, if the impurities can be used to classify the filter, the first use of bag filter to play a coarse filter and intercept the role of filter filter to play fine filter and security role.
The material viscosity, large residue filter, like activated carbon decolorization filter, you can choose straight-through, the bottom of the opening filter, filter with sintered material, which is conducive to slagging and cleaning, while ensuring the use of supplies costs. For the viscosity of the material, in the case of more than the normal normal filter can be resolved, consider the use of centrifuge filtration, but centrifugal filtration is easy to smell volatile, the impact on the environment. The high temperature of the material can only use metal and ceramic sintered materials, high temperature filter material filtration, we generally filter the working temperature of 80 to 100 degrees, industrial filter is about 140 degrees. In short, the ultimate purpose of selection is to use convenient, safe, cost control, can not just look at the filter itself function, each filter material and filters are not omnipotent.
Product filter system, the cylinder shell is generally made of stainless steel, Product Filtering System using PP melt-blown, wire burning, folding, titanium filter, activated carbon filter and other tubular filter as a filter element, according to different filter media and design process to choose different Filter element product filter system parts, in order to meet the water quality requirements. With the continuous development of the filtration industry, more and more industries and enterprises to use the Product Filtering System, more and more enterprises to join the Product Filtering System industry.
For a variety of suspension of solid-liquid separation, the environment is relatively high, relatively high filtration efficiency of the liquid filter, a wide range of applications for medicine. food. Chemical industry. Environmental protection. Water treatment and other industrial fields,
Tank material can be divided into glass steel cans, carbon steel cans, stainless steel cans, can also be produced according to user requirements.
⒈ high efficiency to remove water, oil mist, solid particles, remove 0.01μm and above particles, oil mist concentration control in 0.01ppm / wt;
⒉ reasonable structure, small size, light weight;
⒊ with a protective cover plastic shell and aluminum alloy shell can choose.
⒋ three sub-section purification treatment, long service life.
Product Filtering System can also be called a carbon filter, activated carbon is a very small carbon particles per unit area and a lot of holes, usually we call it capillary holes. This capillary has a strong ability to adsorb, because the surface area of the carbon particles is very large, in contact with the impurities in the water, the Product Filtering System some impurities can be adsorbed in the pores, so remove the water colloid and other impurities. Product Filtering System can also adsorb the CL ions and ozone in the water, the organic matter in the water also has a certain adsorption capacity, can obviously adsorb the water pigment, in the water treatment industry we generally require iodine value above 700mg, such activated carbon adsorption Strong ability.