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Product Filtering System In The Use Of The Errors

Sep 28, 2017

Product Filtering Systems are used in a wide range of industrial applications, and are the main equipment for system control of pollution. Product Filtering System Y-type Product Filtering System, basket Product Filtering System, T-type Product Filtering System and other products, according to the use can be divided into ZPG series of automatic sewage backwashing Product Filtering System, ZPG series of automatic sewage backwashing Product Filtering System, F43X double sealed self-reliance anti-water seal valve.
The daily maintenance of the Product Filtering System is very important, in addition to the performance of the machine have some requirements, in order to make the machine's superior performance has been maintained, can not do without the usual serious maintenance and maintenance. Routine maintenance of the Product Filtering System helps to ensure its safe operation and improved reliability. However, many people still have more misunderstandings in the daily maintenance of the Product Filtering System, so that the oil filter can not be effectively maintained, But also play a reaction.
Misunderstanding 1: If the Product Filtering System with a bypass valve, such a product filter system even if the filter block, you can not clean for a long time or do not replace the filter.
This misunderstanding is due to the deviation of the bypass valve caused by the error, many people think that the Product Filtering System bypass valve system and safety valve is the same kind of role. In fact, if not the requirements of the work is particularly high continuity, it is best not to choose with the bypass valve Product Filtering System, if you choose such a Product Filtering System, when the pollution plug the sender to send a message, Filter, to ensure reliable operation of the system.
Common misunderstanding 2: Product Filtering System performance superiority or Product Filtering System directly linked to the life.
This concept is very one-sided, and only to ensure the quality of work and ensure that the system cleanliness of the case, can be said that the longer the better life.
Product Filtering System is widely used in steam, air, water, oil and other media pipeline, the protection of pipeline system equipment, pumps, valves, etc., from pipes, rust, welding slag and other impurities caused by plugging and damage. Pipeline Product Filtering System generally by two forms, one is Y-type Product Filtering System, one is the blue-type Product Filtering System, which Y-type Product Filtering System is more commonly used.
Product Filtering System is an indispensable product in the pipeline, usually installed in the relief valve, pressure reducing valve, water level valve integrated equipment, the import side, from the elimination of impurities in the media to prevent other equipment jammed stuck phenomenon. In the media through a certain filter with a certain filter after the impurity is blocked, need to remove the filter when the filter, the inside of the debris clean and then re-installed on it, easy to disassemble, maintenance is also convenient. Product filter system shell mainly by the coarse filter, fine filter, suction pipe, stainless steel brush or stainless steel nozzle, seals, anti-corrosion coating, rotating shaft and other components. Application process can be selected according to different conditions.
Product Filtering System is mainly used in large particles, large solid impurities or thick pipe as a protection of machinery and equipment, instrumentation is not obstructed by debris to protect their work to normal operation. Y-type Product Filtering System is not only simple structure, and the production process is less, as long as the correct selection of the filter cartridge, can guarantee the normal operation of other systems, it is easy to clean, large amount of pollutants, easy installation and so on. Its investment is small, functional and strong.
Filter generally according to the different media to choose a different filter, tap water generally choose the screen for the 18-30 head, the gas selection filter for 10-100 mesh, oil selection filter for the 100-480 mesh, the user can according to the industrial and mining Different choice.
Product filter system failure, under normal circumstances the filter is easy to be blocked, out of this situation, only need to take out the filter to re-install the filter can be. When the filter is damaged, can not filter impurities, only need to buy when the corresponding filter can be installed, if the seal is damaged, because the product filter system seal for the hard seal, for this situation, need to replace the Product Filtering System, or Welding seal.