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Purchase Principle Of Drop-former System

Sep 28, 2017

1, import and export diameter: In principle, Drop-former System import and export diameter should not be less than the matching pump inlet diameter, generally consistent with the import pipeline diameter. 2, nominal pressure: according to the maximum pressure may occur in the filter pipe to determine the pressure level Drop-former System. This article has a mechanical knowledge network to provide, please pay attention to the contents of the mechanical knowledge network 3, the number of holes in the choice: the main consideration to be intercepted impurity particle size, according to the media process process requirements. A variety of specifications can intercept the size of the screen size check the following table "filter specifications." 4, Drop-former System Material: Drop-former System material is generally selected with the same process pipe material, for different service conditions may consider the choice of cast iron, carbon steel, low alloy steel or stainless steel Drop-former System.
Drop-former System with different particles of the size of the filter, from top to bottom, by the small and large order (referring to single layer filter). When the water from the upstream filter layer, the water part of the suspension due to adsorption and mechanical retention, the filter layer surface interception, after a period of time, due to the overlap of suspended solids and bridging (or glue) and so on , The surface of the filter layer seems to form a layer of additional filter, the film from the filtering effect, this filter is called membrane filtration. At the same time, when the water passes through the pores in the middle of the filter layer, the suspended matter is also retained, and this filtration is called osmotic filtration. In addition, the charge repellency of the fine impurities passing through the precipitation treatment layer has been greatly reduced, and there is a greater chance of collision with the sand particles as it passes through the filter layer. As a result, impurities in the water will adhere to the sand surface. The water is more clear, because it is based on the filter media as a contact medium, so called contact filtration. In summary, Drop-former System filtration is through the membrane filtration, osmotic filtration and contact filtration, so that the water is further purified.
1. Reasonable to determine the level of Drop-former System efficiency to determine the efficiency of Drop-former System is: the end of the Drop-former System performance *, pre-Drop-former system efficiency specifications to be reasonable, the primary Drop-former System and Pre-drop-front system maintenance should be convenient. 2. Increase the filter area Drop-former System filter area, can accommodate more dust, its life is long. And the filter area, air flow through the material at low speed, Drop-former System resistance is small. 3. Adjust the Drop-former System at all levels The pre-Drop-former system's low filter efficiency can be used to adjust the pre-Drop-former system's filtering efficiency to keep the dust in the pre-drop-former system. 4. should not emphasize the additional effect of Drop-former System 5. Climatic factors affect the filter effect If the Drop-former System use more willow willow, air conditioning design should take appropriate measures, such as changing the inlet height or in the air inlet To protect the net. If the measures are not correct, then there is only one move: in the floating season of the season for Drop-former System. 6. The cleaning technology is difficult to promote the high efficiency of the Drop-former System, the use of occasions are very particular about, Drop-former System even if the wash is not bad, it is best not to wash, unless you have to clean thoroughly, after cleaning performance does not change.
Drop-former System pressure drop is the specified liquid to the specified flow through the Drop-former System, Drop-former System at both ends of the pressure difference. It is also one of the important indicators of the Drop-former System, especially the Drop-former System with differential pressure transmitter, which is more important as a basis for adjusting the operating pressure of the transmitter. General suction piping Drop-former System pressure drop is not greater than 0.01MPa, back to the pipeline Drop-former System pressure drop is not greater than 0.03MPa, drainage pipe Drop-former System pressure drop is not greater than 0.05MPa.
Drop-former System filter accuracy refers to the Drop-former System of different sizes of impurities in the filter capacity, with the filter can filter the smallest mechanical impurities in the nominal size of the particles to represent. It is the first choice when selecting a filter parameters, it is directly related to the cleanliness of the working medium and system operating conditions are good or bad.