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Quartz Sand Drop-former System Principles And Production Steps

Sep 05, 2017

Quartz Sand Drop-former System Principles and Production Steps
First, the quartz sand Drop-former System principle
  Quartz sand Drop-former System is a Drop-former System filter with quartz sand as a filler, and is conducive to the removal of impurities in the water. As well as the advantages of small filter resistance, large surface area, strong acid and alkali resistance, good anti-pollution and so on. The unique advantage of the quartz sand Drop-former System is that by optimizing the design of the filter and the Drop-former System, Drop-former system of adaptive operation, the filter on the raw water concentration, operating conditions and pretreatment process and so have a strong self-adaptability, that is, filter bed automatically formed on the sparse secret state, is conducive to a variety of Operating conditions to ensure that the water quality, backwash when the filter material fully dispersed, cleaning effect is good. Sand-former System can also effectively remove the suspended solids in the water, and the water colloid, iron, organic matter, pesticides, manganese, bacteria, viruses and other pollutants have obvious removal. And has the advantages of fast filtration speed, high filtration precision and large interception capacity. It is mainly used in the field of deep processing of various water for process water, domestic water, circulating water and waste water for electric power, electronics, beverage, tap water, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, textile, papermaking, food, swimming pool, municipal engineering and so on. Quartz sand Drop-former System is the use of one or several filter media, room temperature operation, acid and alkali, oxidation, PH application range of 2-13. The system is equipped with perfect protection device and monitoring instrument, and has a backwash function, dirt and other pollutants will soon be washed away, less water consumption, according to user requirements can be set fully automatic function. Under a certain pressure, so that the liquid through the media through the flocculation, adsorption, retention, removal of impurities, so as to achieve the purpose of filtration. Its internal packing is generally: quartz sand, anthracite, granular porous ceramics, manganese sand, the user can choose according to the actual situation. The filtration accuracy between 0.005-0.01m, which can effectively remove colloidal particles and high molecular organic matter.
Second, the main features of the quartz sand Drop-former System
  Quartz sand Drop-former System simple structure, the operation can achieve automatic control, processing flow, recoil times less, high filtration efficiency, low resistance, easy operation and maintenance features
 Quartz sand Drop-former System, also known as the mechanical Drop-former System, the overall use of stainless steel 304 or carbon steel production, the use of stainless steel 304 wire around the resistance, small flux, filled with high quality quartz sand. Mainly through the filter on the sediment, colloid, metal ions and organic matter interception, adsorption. Commonly used in the purification of water treatment and sewage treatment, because of its pollution-free, low prices, low operating costs, so the application of a wide range of the initial use of positive and negative rinse emissions for a few minutes before the sewage can be used properly.
Quartz Sand Drop-former System Filling Filter Note
1, first determine the direction of the quartz sand Drop-former System, Drop-former System required to place a smooth, placed Drop-former System platform requires weighing 5 tons, and then open the DN400 hole, check there are no foreign body and the next stainless steel around the wire There is no loose water distributor. (Refer to the following diagram of the pipeline valve, and the body of the pipe stent to determine the orientation of the Drop-former System, before loading the filter, be sure to determine the location, or filter into the difficult to move Drop-former System)
2, to the tank filled with quartz sand, the formation of the filter layer from top to bottom, sand particle size from small to large.
Daily maintenance
1, when the water is reduced or when the water pressure difference between the inlet and outlet, to the sand Drop-former System backwash, washing operation, start to observe the time to observe the flow of water changes or pressure gauge pressure changes, Better timely anti-washing, washing operation. (This also depends on the specific running time and the effluent may be, the cleaning frequency according to your request to adjust their own).
2, quartz sand generally 2-3 years to replace once, can also be replaced according to the actual situation to extend the replacement cycle.