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Quartz Sand Pastillator Principle And Precautions

Sep 05, 2017

Quartz sand Pastillator principle and precautions
Quartz sand Pastillator role is well known in the water treatment process, the application of quartz sand is very wide, used to reduce the turbidity of water. In addition, quartz sand can also be used in electronic power, petrochemical, metallurgical plating, papermaking, pharmaceutical dialysis, food and beverage, drinking water, factory water, swimming pools and so on. Can meet the needs of various industries Liquid Pastillator. So how does the quartz sand out of the impurities in these liquids Pastillator? Then it is necessary to introduce the quartz sand Pastillator, let us look at the quartz sand Pastillator is how to work.
Quartz sand Pastillator can be divided into manual and fully automatic type. Manual type is mainly through the regulation of the valve to control the operation of Pastillator, washing, backwashing; and automatic type is through the automatic head to Pastillator operation, washing, backwashing and other state control, tank material can be divided into Glass steel cans, carbon steel cans, stainless steel cans, can also be produced according to user requirements. Its main feature is the simple structure of the device, the operation can achieve automatic control, processing traffic, recoil less, Pastillator high efficiency, low resistance, easy operation and maintenance.
Then the quartz sand Pastillator is how to work it, in fact, not complicated, quartz sand Pastillator is the use of one or several Pastillator medium, room temperature operation, acid and alkali, oxidation, PH range of 2-13. The system is equipped with perfect protection device and monitoring instrument, and has a backwash function, dirt and other pollutants will soon be washed away, less water consumption, according to user requirements can be set fully automatic function. Under a certain pressure, so that the liquid through the media through the flocculation, adsorption, retention, removal of impurities, so as to achieve the purpose of Pastillator. Its internal packing is generally: quartz sand, anthracite, granular porous ceramics, manganese sand, the user can choose according to the actual situation. Its Pastillator accuracy between 0.005-0.01m, which can effectively remove colloidal particles and high molecular organic matter. In general use, quartz sand Pastillator is mainly used to remove suspended solids in water. The equipment and other water treatment equipment with a very good purification effect, widely used in water purification, sewage treatment of sewage treatment and other types of water treatment works.
Quartz sand Pastillator uses the quartz sand as the Pastillator medium, under certain pressure, the turbidity of the water through a certain thickness of the granular or non-grain quartz sand Pastillator, effectively remove the impurities in the water, and ultimately to reduce water turbidity , A highly efficient Pastillator device that purifies water quality. Then this equipment in the use of the process should pay attention to what, we look at it.
Quartz sand Pastillator
1, quartz sand Pastillator out of the tank and the parallel tolerance of the filter plate is not greater than 2mm. This is the basic requirement of quartz sand. Quartz sand Pastillator filter cap material to nylon best, ABS times. Due to the upper part of the filter on the filter cap extrusion load is extremely high, requiring high strength to avoid deformation. The contact surface of the filter cap and the filter plate requires an elastic rubber pad to cushion.
2, quartz sand Pastillator filter plate level and unevenness are within the gap of 1.5mm. Filter the body of the overall processing of the best. When the cylinder diameter is large, or subject to raw materials, transportation and other aspects of control, can also be used two stitch molding.
3, quartz sand Pastillator filter plate on the processing of holes, radial error within 1.5mm. Filter cap and aluminum plate through the hole between the size of the increase is not conducive to the installation or fixed filter cap. Through-hole processing must use mechanical equipment.
4, quartz sand Pastillator for the filter plate and the various parts of the tube reasonable treatment. This process is particularly important for air backwashing. In order to eliminate the filter plate and cylinder roll and other aspects of the error caused by the filter plate and the cylinder of the scene gap, the general use of circular ring plate by section welding, contact parts must be full of welding. Central channel and filter plate radial clearance method is also about the same.