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Steel Belt System Working Principle Of Strip Detection System.

May 18, 2017

.Steel Belt System The main surface of the steel strip detection system is to monitor the surface quality of the steel strip by using advanced charge-coupled device (CCD) imaging technology and high-speed computer digital image processing, storage and transmission technology.

  Steel Belt System Steel production process requires real-time effective quality control, timely detection of substandard products. I set the company to develop this set of steel defects on-line high-speed automatic detection system to achieve a variety of steel surface cavities, gaps, cracks and other defects in the detection, effectively on the strip surface quality real-time monitoring.

  Steel Belt System The thickness of the hole in the area of the hole is enhanced, and the other areas are not changed. According to this principle, the hole defects of the steel strip are detected by detecting the change of the light intensity in the camera; As the steel surface reflection phenomenon is very strong, by the external light interference is serious, easy to saturation, requiring the camera's working environment as close as possible.

  First, the surface image of the steel strip is collected by the camera, and then the digital image processing technique is used to analyze the acquired image, the defect recognition, the surface quality data statistics, the report output

  Application field editing

  ◆ with a variety of manufacturers, copper manufacturers, and other metal belt manufacturers

  ◆ other similar steel production enterprises. Such as packaging materials production plant

  ◆ companies can undertake related areas of testing projects, and according to user needs to design specific programs