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The Composition And Working Principle Of Product Filtering System

Jun 26, 2017

The composition and working principle of Product Filtering System
Product Filtering System consists of the filter shell, filter bag composed of two main components, the filtration process is the filter medium on the surface of the filter bag cleaning using a very convenient backflush backwash process, is a relatively new Of the filter press.
Product filter system filter (suspension) pump into the pressure vessel, through the Product Filtering System for filtration. Filtration, because the filter bag diameter than the cage, press the filter bag close to the cage. The captured solid particles are attached to the surface of the filter bag to form a filter cake, and the filtered filtrate is filtered through the product filter system. When the filter cake on the surface of the filter cake layer to achieve the best thickness of the operation to stop the filter, remove the residue, the use of compressed air bag blowing bag.
The use of anti-blowing filter bag expansion back to the original diameter, filter bag outside the wall of the filter cake is not connected to each other small pieces, anti-blowing so that the filter bag constantly vibrating, small pieces of cake continue to fall, off the barrier clean and rapid. Remove the filter cake, and then wash the water filter bag, so that the filter bag to be recycled. Thus the Product Filtering System is particularly suitable for the separation of difficult filter suspensions containing more tiny particles and jelly.
Product Filtering System is a new structure, small size, simple and flexible operation, energy saving, efficient, closed work, applicability of the multi-purpose filter equipment.
The extensive use of the bag also on the human body has a great harm you know how much?
With the development of society, due to the enhancement of people's environmental awareness, Product Filtering System has gradually been widely used, in some school rooms, hospitals, laboratories and other places will use the Product Filtering System, and even Product Filtering System in air conditioning Very good use, then, the Product Filtering System is so widely used, many people worry that: the widespread use of Product Filtering System harmful to human health? Here we take a look at the product filter system manufacturers to provide relevant information now!
Whether the widespread use of Product Filtering Systems is harmful to human health should be considered from the following aspects:
  1, from the Product Filtering System manufacturing, the Product Filtering System is the use of industrial sewing production methods, when used is not silicone oil pollution, is particularly health.
  2, the Product Filtering System is the use of advanced technology made, is not the phenomenon of eye defects and side leakage, its production process is quite good.
  3, the Product Filtering System has a very good filter accuracy, and its filter material is also very good, the effect is very significant.
  4, there is a liquid Product Filtering System, this Product Filtering System is the use of stainless steel welding technology, greatly reducing the Product Filtering System side leakage probability, this technology can be a good way to improve the Product Filtering System seal, making The error is reduced and the sealing degree becomes high.