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The Contribution Of Ultrafiltration Technology To Water Treatment Of Activated Carbon Drop-former System

Oct 16, 2017

The contribution of ultrafiltration technology to water treatment of activated carbon Drop-former System
China's rivers and rivers, all with the economic development of pollution, all the living environment are industrialized under the footsteps of the submerged, it seems that social progress, activated carbon Drop-former System also changed our living conditions and health , Pollution of water erosion of the environment and health, we have to ask: the face of such a dilemma, how can we protect the water! Activated Carbon Drop-former System The contribution of the water purification project is really great.
With the development of China's urban construction, economic construction and population growth, water consumption continues to grow, water pollution problems intensified, water shortages and deterioration of water quality has become the development of economic construction, destruction of the ecological environment, affecting people's lives and good health Outstanding issue. Activated Carbon Drop-former System uses high-precision, high-strength stainless steel or alloy sintered mesh, cleaning completely no dead ends, can be automatically retrieved, life-long use, no need to replace the activated carbon equipment is fully automatic, without human intervention.
By the activated carbon Drop-former System take the lead in starting to improve water quality, ease water pollution, protect the safety of drinking water, but also developed a scientific and safe water pollution treatment system.
Activated carbon Drop-former System using separation membrane technology, with hollow fiber ultrafiltration, microfiltration membrane and other advanced technology, widely used in a variety of sewage filtration. Activated Carbon Drop-former System can effectively filter electroplating wastewater, the general source of electroplating wastewater:
1, plating parts cleaning wastewater;
2, electroplating waste;
3, other waste water, including washing the floor of the floor, scrub the floor and ventilation equipment, condensate and leakage due to plating or improper operation and management caused by running, running, dripping, leakage of various tanks and drainage;
4, equipment cooling water.
Activated carbon Drop-former System The electroplating wastewater is characterized by the quality of the electroplating wastewater, the amount of water and the conditions of the plating production, the production load, the operation and management, and the water use. Electroplating wastewater water quality is complex, the composition is not easy to control. Activated carbon Drop-former System is made of hollow fiber, its surface active layer is dense, the support layer for the double-pointed structure, high tensile strength, backwash effect, anti-pollution, Drop-former System long life, and can Long-term guarantee of water quality.
Characteristics of activated carbon ultrafiltration: ultrafiltration system can go out almost all of the raw water bacteria, microorganisms, viruses, E. coli and some macromolecules of organic matter and water all the insoluble colloid and so on.
The sustainable development of the economy, and promote the continuous improvement of living standards of urban and rural residents, so that residents living expenses steadily, price levels, medical costs, housing costs, education costs and other living prices rise, activated carbon Drop-former System to live in urban and rural yuan Under the economic structure of the lack of social welfare and protection of workers are facing heavy pressure, compared with the cost of living costs, activated carbon Drop-former system manufacturing enterprises who received wages far behind.
As the activated carbon Drop-former system manufacturing industry is labor-intensive industries, low value-added products, companies tend to rely on lower costs to open up the market, earned only meager "processing fees." Activated carbon Drop-former System Internal compensation mechanism is not perfect, welfare is not satisfactory.
Activated Carbon Drop-former System and other manufacturing enterprises should come from the profits of technology and innovation, rather than scale, to large-scale, standardization-based manufacturing and manufacturing enterprises, will be due to the development of new technology, was a huge impact , Activated carbon Drop-former System and other manufacturing enterprises can only meet the future of innovation, only technology can bring permanent stability and lasting profits, In addition, in addition to their own investment research and development, the hope that the Government can solve the uncertainty caused by innovation Factors, can not be managed by yesterday's way of innovation, but not across the board management innovation, since the innovation is the future of the country, we must have good, excellent, fast and efficient management innovation brought about by the uncertainty of the factors Methods and policies.