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The Lubrication And Maintenance Of Pastillator Main System

Jul 04, 2017

The lubrication and maintenance of Pastillator Main System

The Pastillator Main System has excellent performance, good adaptability, easy to use, easy to maintain, small volume, light weight, and can be used for hand rolling without electricity. Native only to a pay a punching die, the depth of the filling material, the thickness of the tablet can be adjusted, able to adapt to the pharmaceutical industry to suppress, western medicine preparations in various demands of suppressing a variety of similar products and other industries, is popular among all users.

Lubrication and maintenance of Pastillator Main System:

1, all moving parts on the surface of the friction lubrication is to ensure that the machine run properly and prolong the service life of the important link, especially if the main moving parts under the condition of lack of oil dry transit transfer quickly damage and cannot be used, so the garbage subject system before use must be full cup of oil, oil hole, and the friction surface and lubricating oil, and empty operation make the friction surface is full of oil film, and then can be put into use. In the future, each shift will be on time, but not too much, so as not to spill the effects of cleaning and contaminate the tablets.

2. Check whether the screws of the main body system are loose before work, and check them frequently during the working process. If there is any loosening, tighten immediately, so as to avoid failure. The main parts are: the upper punch fastening nut, the middle mould fixed screw, the lower flush fixed screw; Connecting rod lock nut, connecting rod pin locking screw; Lifting fork lock nut (2) butterfly screw; The middle die plate is fixed screw (2).

3. After each shift, after each shift, the test pressure should be shaken and the electric pressure plate will be opened after no problem.

4. Always check the quality of die in the process of pressing, such as finding that there are missing edges, cracks, serious damage, and timely replacement, so as to avoid the failure of the machine and the quality of the tablet.

5. After daily use, the remaining powder shall be removed and cleaned the machine parts. If the outage time is longer, it is necessary to remove the stamping die and wipe the waste main system. The face is cleaned, coated with anti-rust oil and covered with dust coat; The punch should be cleaned and deposited in oil.

6. Check the equipment regularly, twice a month.

Garbage subject system stick down reasons: impact refers to the pressure for a tablet surface fine powder is the punch and die adhesion, led to dent, one-sided, not only uneven lettering punch are more likely to happen to glue phenomenon.

1. The surface of the head of the Pastillator Main System is damaged or the surface finish is reduced, or there may be anti-rust oil or lubricating oil, the surface of the new die surface is rough or the engraving is too deep and angular. It is possible to wipe the head of the head, transfer the type of the die or apply a small amount of liquid paraffin to the surface of the engraving. In addition, if for mechanical heat, the reason should be checked for the reason, maintenance equipment.

2. The design of engraving and stamping is not reasonable. Replace the punch or change character design accordingly.

3. Excessive moisture content or uneven moisture content of particles. Solution: control the moisture content of the grain at 2 % ~ 3 %, strengthen the dry grain inspection.

4. Insufficient lubricants or improper selection and excessive fines. The lubricant should be increased appropriately or the new lubricant should be replaced.

5. The thickness of the raw material is different, resulting in uneven mixing or improper mixing time. Solution: to crush and sift the original auxiliary materials to meet the quality requirements of the variety, and to master and control the mixing time of the Pastillator Main System.