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The Present Situation Of Domestic Development Of Pastillator Main System

Sep 14, 2017

The Present Situation of Domestic Development of Pastillator Main System
   In the face of severe energy and environmental challenges, China has recently developed a long-term energy and technology development strategy and development plan by 2020 with a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable scientific development concept. This energy and environment development strategy has been formulated. , But also for the development of China's Pastillator Main System technology pointed out the direction of the main technology to explore the garbage of the new road is imperative. Compared with other operations in the industrial and agricultural production, the energy saving and pollution prevention and control tasks of the Pastillator Main System process are particularly urgent.
Garbage main system operation involves a wide range of national economy, it is not only a large number of industrial and agricultural products indispensable basic production links, garbage main system is also China's energy consumption, energy consumption accounts for about 12% of the total energy consumption of the national economy. In addition, the Pastillator Main System caused by the process of pollution is often an important source of environmental pollution in China, the progress of the main Pastillator Main System technology with the development of the national economy has a very close relationship.
First of all, the main body of garbage operation involves a wide range of areas, and China's Pastillator Main System energy consumption accounted for the proportion of the entire industrial energy consumption is almost half of the UK, up to 12%.
Second, the garbage main system of environmental pollution is also quite serious. In the most widely used various types of conventional Pastillator Main System equipment, more than three quarters of the main body of the hot air Pastillator Main System, such garbage main system equipment on the environment pollution is very serious for the Pastillator Main System system coal furnace transformation Become an urgent issue to be solved. Improve the energy efficiency of the waste main body system process and control the environmental pollution is complementary. Reduce the energy consumption of 100 million tons of standard coal in China can reduce more than 64 million tons of CO2 and SO2 emissions, the environmental benefits are very significant.
Therefore, in the exploration of the main development of Pastillator Main System technology, the need for energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality to be considered in order to achieve comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development. To implement the development strategy of efficient and green Pastillator Main System, we must first take the road of resource-saving development, change the single extensive garbage main system for the combination, intelligent garbage main system. Not only from the garbage main system technology on the fundamental transformation, but also a comprehensive, multi-level energy-saving technological transformation, and vigorously develop the application of renewable energy and industrial waste heat of the main Pastillator Main System technology. From the government level, to establish and improve the garbage main system equipment comprehensive evaluation criteria and industry standards, the establishment of macro - control and market regulation mechanism to speed up the upgrading of the main Pastillator Main System technology.
  First of all, China's waste plastics recycling rate is not high, waste plastic recycling plant is not much, especially uneven distribution, most places almost blank; the other hand, China's industrial development in recent years, the market boom, large plastic market Dozens of waste plastic particles have been in short supply, the price of a rise and then up, so waste plastic particles will become the future development of hot spots, as the main processing machine of the main Pastillator Main System will have a vast customer base.
Second, the plastic recycling of Pastillator Main System to the daily life of waste plastics processed again to produce the necessary plastic raw materials, recycling waste plastics prices than in recent years, rising prices of plastic raw materials to come cheap, with the strong support of the country , Renewable Pastillator Main System of the new has been optimized to update, in order to achieve the regeneration of the plastic raw material particles full, strong and smooth. Therefore, will be favored by more and more businesses.
Third, due to the creation of recycled plastic particles factory risk is small, the size of investment can be, enter the door is also low, you can start from a production line, you can also purchase multiple sets of equipment scale production. But the higher profits, therefore, the future will have more factories to establish, which for the main Pastillator Main System equipment manufacturers, is undoubtedly a huge business opportunity.