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The Product Filtering System Can Not Be Removed Blindly

Jul 04, 2017

The Product Filtering System can not be removed blindly

Product Filtering System structure is simple, parts, more so at the time of purchase to know the material of products, so as not to cause harm to future products, of course read the corresponding instructions in daily use, know the operation steps, if in doubt should call Product Filtering System manufacturers advisory details.

Filtration system is based on production with automatic rotation, continuous product filter of the compressor system miniaturization of machine, it is mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronics and other industrial department technology research, confirm the granular material can be compressed into tablets of important equipment. Applicable to the suppression of granulated raw materials that can be compressed into tablets (within the range of the machine) and contain no more than 10% of the powder (above 100 eyes). To suppress the original, alien and engraving tablets of 4 ~ 12 mm. It is not suitable for semi-solid, wet particles, low melting point, and non-powder pressure tablets.

Product Filtering System will inevitably be when used in a variety of fault, in the event of a failure don't be impatient, after carefully check the status of the machine, find out the cause of the problem, and analyzes the cause of the problem, finally find out the solution, the following is the Product Filtering System need to be aware of when using items:

Please read the instructions carefully before using the machine and then use it.

The product filtering system can only operate according to the direction indicated on the motor cover, and not reverse, so as not to damage the machine. Special attention should be paid to the adjustment of pressure plates.

No matter the manual pressure or the electric pressure plate, before starting, should make the upper punch lever in the rising position before starting. If in the case of a punch in the down position on the start, just starting, Product Filtering System in the opposition head on into the mold piece, at this time due to the machine speed is low, dragging ability is poor, prone to cars. (that is, the punch head on into the mode of "death", due to the resistance of a pill to make machine stop. Top car due to large load, often damage the machine parts or burning motor) (4) Product Filtering System in the process of tablet shall regularly check tablets quality (tablet weight, hardness, surface finish, etc.), and timely adjustment.

The material making process before the pressure plate has a great influence on the pressure plate. Such as material and lubricant, filler, adhesive materials formula, system of particles (tightness of the status of the powder, granule, powder ratio, water content, etc.) directly affects the quality of tablets. It is not possible to suppress the forming or even damage the machine due to the improper ingredient. Therefore, the Product Filtering System can not be used for the semi-solid, wet, non - particle fine powder. In use that the pressure has the quite big still cannot press forming, but appear too ryukyu and loose, or suppress forming a layer, the phenomenon such as debris, pitting, off powder, it should from the ingredients and so on to find out the reason, although be hardness is not big, but has a certain toughness, Product Filtering System anti-throw not poor vibration resistance (usually with 1-1.2 m height from the free falling on the ground is not broken), and disintegration, the function such as brittle broken all qualified, so don't order from hardness is considered, in order to avoid pressure stress, damage to the machine.

When production, press "work state" operation, namely close glass door production.

The machine should be idle for a long time.

Product Filtering System failure is common in use, so please users must not from random condition, to calm patience, check the number processing, not blindly remove, cause unnecessary loss Product Filtering Systems.