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The Reason Why The Pastillator Is Sticky

Jul 04, 2017

The reason why the Pastillator is sticky

There are many varieties of ingot machines, and the ingot machine has been in the domestic pharmaceutical production industry for a long time. The output of the Pastillator is large and the export is early. According to the investigation, we have dozens of manufacturers in domestic ingots, producing thousands of units each year, and the ingot machines can suppress the circular tablets, which can be engraved with different types of tablets. It is obvious that the number of ingots is in the world number one. It is also easier to operate the ingot machine. In these years, the industry began to focus on the quality of tablets and the concept of quality. The pharmaceutical factory is very much, the kind of tablet is also many, the Pastillator that the Pastillator factory is developed is simple in operation, clean simple characteristic. Although there are a lot of products launched every day in China, it is still a little defective in this technology. Plagiarism is serious, some manufacturers in order to survive often copied in technology does not have its own innovation, take the way of interacting, and their own brand is greatly reduced, a price war, the brand is a disadvantage, brand in value. If this continues, the industry will reverse. Since most companies are not dominant in technology and talent, the crisis of talent has spread.

Principle of ingot mechanism

1. Dose control

Various tablets have different dosage requirements, and the large dosage adjustment is achieved by selecting the punching die of different punch diameters. After selected die size, Pastillator small dose adjustment is through the adjustment of rushed into the depth of the die, which changes after the back cover of the actual length of the die, to adjust the die hole, the purpose of filling volume in drug. As a result, the original position in the die hole should be adjusted to meet the dosage adjustment requirements.

2. Pastillator Control of tablet thickness and compaction degree

The dosage of the drug is determined according to the prescription and pharmacopoeia and cannot be changed. In order to store, Pastillator save and disintegrate time limit, the pressure of a certain dose is also required when the chip is pressed. It will also affect the actual thickness and appearance of the pill. Pressure adjustment is necessary when pressure is pressed. This is achieved by adjusting the downward flow in the die hole. Some of the ingot machines have not only been able to push down action while pressing the tablet, but also have the upward movement of the downward, which is combined with the upper and lower thrust to complete the process. But the pressure regulation is mostly by adjusting the mechanism of the downward pressure to achieve the pressure regulation and control.

The reason for the sticking of ingots is that the slime of the surface of the tablet is caused by the punch and die adhesion of the tablet, resulting in a one-sided and uneven indentation, which makes it more likely to be sticky.

1. The surface damage or surface finish of the punch surface is reduced, or there may be anti-rust oil or lubricants, or the rough or engraving of the new die surface is too deep and angular. It is possible to wipe the head of the head, transfer the type of the die or apply a small amount of liquid paraffin to the surface of the engraving. In addition, if for mechanical heat, the reason should be checked for the reason, maintenance equipment.

2. Pastillator The design of engraving and stamping is not reasonable. Replace the punch or change character design accordingly.

3. Pastillator Excessive moisture content or uneven moisture content of particles. Solution: control the moisture content of the grain at 2 % ~ 3 %, strengthen the dry grain inspection.

4. Insufficient lubricants or improper selection and excessive fines. The lubricant should be increased appropriately or the new lubricant should be replaced.

5. Pastillator The thickness of the raw material is different, resulting in uneven mixing or improper mixing time. Solution: to crush and sift the original auxiliary materials, so as to achieve the quality requirements of the ingots, while mastering and controlling the mixing time.