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What Are The Characteristics Of The Product Filtering System

Jul 24, 2017

What are the characteristics of the Product Filtering System

Product Filtering System, just as its name implies is to filter the impurities in the air of a device, but with the development of technology, all kinds of air filter, then for now is the most widely used products filtering system, this kind of air filter is very convenient to use, and filtering effect is very good, so take a look at exactly what is the distinguishing feature of this filter?

First, the main material of making Product Filtering System is the use of aluminum alloy profiles and tie-in combination use of a variety of materials, such as for overall, most of the materials used for metal, so the product the structure stability of the filtering system is very high, also has a very high bearing capacity, so in many of the relatively poor working environment, also can normal work.

Second, the device is controlled through the photoelectric system, so it can precise control to different parts of Product Filtering System, to realize automatic computer control, the most important is its control is more accurate than human.

Third, in the equipment control system will be equipped with a large screen display running state, and will be obvious when alarm signal, so it can remind the workers to adjust in a timely manner.

Fourth, for Product Filtering System, it has powerful functions, make its application range is very wide, as long as it is some high quality of air space, filtration system will be applied to the products, so that can ensure the space remain the state of a kind of clean air exchange.

The characteristics of the filtration system, this is the products is not only powerful, and production process requirement is high, the alloy material with large strength, the main application is very extensive, both office and factory, will be applied to the filter, so this is also one of the main reasons for its market popular.

In today's life and work, it has been difficult to breathe the fresh air, so air filter began to come out, with the development of technology, and now there is a Product Filtering System, since listing won the consistent high praise, for such a kind of new technology, it has an extremely intelligent stability control system, this article is to introduce Product Filtering System control system in detail.

This control system is the automatic control of air filter, in this set of equipment, use of filtering material, and in the air inlet place to install a set of equipment, called differential pressure controller, this can be based on user needs to adjust the end resistance.

When the device in high pressure difference, also has been more than adjust the end resistance of the original, this time will be adjusted by controlling system operation of the motor, and the whole system will be replaced the operation of the filter material.

In Product Filtering System equipment can adjust the length of the filter material in advance, and to tell the data stored in the computer control system, so at the time of replacement of filter material can be carried out in accordance with the original set of data change.

At the time of the motor for refueling, at the outset to activate the induced grating photoelectric control system, and the system at the time of replacement of filter material will also record every time change the length of the final data will be preserved.

Store this data, it is compared to that of the original set of data, once the change to the length of the original set of values, can be used to control the motor control system, so you can stop, in under the action of this Product Filtering System, can the Product Filtering System