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What Are The Unique Advantages Of The Pastillator Main System?

Jul 24, 2017

What are the unique advantages of the Pastillator Main System?

Nowadays, with the development of The Times, the quality of life has gradually improved, and most families have used the Pastillator Main System to ensure the air quality of their rooms. There are many kinds of the Pastillator Main System, including winding, folding, bag and barrel, etc. Different forms play different roles. So, let's take a look at the garbage master system.

The automatic Pastillator Main System adopts the design of metal structure, which is very durable and suitable for family environment. Due to be automated, so change the filter material is automatic, can carry on the self-regulation of ambient air quality system, saves the manpower, and saving material, efficient and energy saving effect. Next, let's take a look at some of the advantages of the spam system.

First, from the point of the automation of intelligent, it not only can automatically change the filter material, but also according to the real-time detection of the ambient air quality and comparative analysis, and then to self-regulation, implementation of the harmful material such as dust, particles in the air filter. This not only facilitates People's Daily life, but also saves energy efficiently and avoids a series of adverse effects due to air quality problems.

Secondly, from the design concept of the automatic Pastillator Main System, we can feel its convenience and efficiency clearly and clearly. Its whole structure is forged by metal structure, strong and secure, very practical, suitable for the use of other environments such as family.

Third, high dust content, can work efficiently for several hours, better than the general Pastillator Main System effect, the operation effect has a strong stability.

Fourth in the garbage, the main body of filter Pastillator Main System have some sense of design, through the "V" type design can let garbage subject system of filter area increases, thus greatly improve the work efficiency, to achieve convenient and efficient dust filter.

Above is about garbage from all aspects to analyze the Pastillator Main System of several unique advantages, the hope can provide friends need to purchase a Pastillator Main System with a bit of advice and help on this.

Garbage subject system is to absorb advanced technology at home and abroad, after many years research development of a new type of garbage body system, compared with the traditional garbage subject system, the design novel, the structure more reasonable, through the garbage subject system pressure difference before and after converted to electrical signals, mainly is the filter material can be automatically replaced, including CHF Ⅰ - 3 - type automatic winding type air garbage subject system, ZJL Ⅱ - 4 type automatic coiling herringbone air garbage subject system, ARF Ⅰ - 2 type automatic coiling miniature air garbage subject system, such as various types of garbage body system.

The main system of garbage main includes the following parts: the upper filter box, the lower box mechanism, the column frame, the grille and the retaining trough, the transmission mechanism, the intelligent control system and the filter material.

In filter material box is equipped with Pastillator Main System, when the filter material reaches limit, the limit board will be ready to start the alarm, pillar framework can choose a variety of materials, including cold plate coating, aluminum and stainless steel, the transmission mechanism can ensure that garbage subject system running in the harsh environment, intelligent control system can effectively save energy, save manpower, mainly due to differential pressure controller, advance to set to use resistance, higher than the established resistance, the motor starts running, automatic change the new material, suitable for all kinds of environmental purification.