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What Characteristics Of Paraffin Wax Granulating Machine

Jun 07, 2016

Paraffin made grain machine device has following main features: used thin steel with heat transfer and atomization spray got cooling, makes melting liquid get quickly curing forming; due to steel with in unloading material end of reversing bent, makes steel with and curing material of combined surface produced separation, unloading material Shi dust very less, particles shape get protection; used cloth device and steel with double frequency adjustable speed, can according to production capacity and real sex parameter regulation, and control; used three paragraph temperature control, ensure system operation stable, and reliable. Using material of low melting point characteristics, according to material melting State Shi of stick degrees range, through special of cloth device will melting liquid are cloth in below uniform mobile of steel with Shang, in steel with party set of continuous spray got device of role Xia, makes material in mobile, and conveying process in the to cooling, curing, to reached made grain forming of purpose, according to different of material nature and process requirements, can select outside spin type, and within spin type and reciprocating type, different principle of cloth device.