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What Kind Of Pastillator Main System Is Considered Qualified? How To Choose?

Aug 24, 2017

What kind of Pastillator Main System is considered qualified? How to choose?
   Although the Pastillator Main System of such equipment is now in our lives in the use of a very wide range, but we have no choice for how to choose this device? If you do not have a clear understanding, then come with us today to see the choice of qualified The secret of the Pastillator Main System
First, look at the brand
Not that all the big manufacturers of Pastillator Main System is good, but at least their equipment in line with national and industry standards, and aftermarket is also more secure.
Second, look at the details
Because the specialized production of Pastillator Main System manufacturers or a lot, but its quality is uneven, which is because of what? I think the main difference is that the two words - the details, if the person in charge of the business, For all aspects of the production process must be better.
Third, look at the design
Good Pastillator Main System in the space design is also quite reasonable, there will be no waste of space, when the filter bag will become more humane, but also take into account the convenience of operation and so on.
Four, see practical
We all know that the use of this device need to always change the filter bag, if it is a better device, when the liquid into which there will be automatic partial pressure function, so that the impact of the filter bag is relatively small, Both can effectively protect the filter bag, the filter effect is more stable.
Five, see the filter area
The size of the filter area determines the main performance of a device, then affect the effective size of the filter area is what factors?
1, the media flow: We can according to the media flow, the pressure of operation and the corresponding precision, the size of the filter bag in the water to test the normal flow to determine the number of filter bags.
2, the pressure drop: According to the actual flow of each filter bag, medium viscosity, etc. can determine whether the device is beyond the allowable pressure drop range.
3, the viscosity of the media: This is also an important factor in the accounting, because the filter bag capacity or capacity of oil can be calculated, and according to the filter bag replacement cycle we can also determine whether to meet the operation of a cycle.
This is what we see with you the choice of qualified Pastillator Main System of the method, a total of five aspects of reference to the content, from which we can see the main factors that determine the performance of this device, and in the selection of extra note.
   The main body of the garbage solution solves the problem of poor anti-shock performance of the existing Pastillator Main System. The technical scheme includes the hopper connected with the box, the product box is provided with the inlet and the outlet, the lower end of the hopper is provided with the material inlet, the product box is connected with the inlet and the inlet, The device comprises an upper guide box and a lower guide groove inclined in the direction of the wall direction of the box. The product guide groove communicates with the tank through the flow port on the wall of the box body, and the upper end surface of the product The inlet is connected. The product structure is simple, simple operation, the filter effect is good, no need to strengthen the structure of the device to achieve anti-shock, shock absorption requirements, equipment, long service life.
  The support frame of the product body comprises a pipe body which is open at both ends. Pastillator Main System The upper opening of the product body is arranged with a plurality of radial inclined blades, and the grid of the product body is arranged on the wall hole. This product is placed in the filter bag, the need to filter the liquid into the filter bag through the support frame leaves the effective ease and flow, so that the filter should be evenly attached to the filter bag surface, improve the filtration flow and filtration efficiency; Can reduce the need to filter the liquid bag on the bag and the bottom of the impact, to prevent breaking the bottom of the filter bag.