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Rebo pastillator features

1. Technical strength, Germany latest DROPFORM3000-granulation technology;

2. Technologically advanced equipment, Safe and reliable Rational structure, Guarantee a successful drive, Maintenance simple, low-cost operation, it is not easy to fault can be long-period operation;

3. Convenient service, Company granulator service team at short notice to respond within 24 hours, starting within 48 hours, Availability, timely services;

4. A domestic "Sinopec Group of the Office of Domestic major equipment," sponsored by the Identification. Is the alternative to imported 1500 mainframe technology and equipment. Users mainly oil refineries and large state-owned enterprises.

5. Touch screen PLC control system, Automatic and manual work two methods,

Self-diagnosis function with Fault, Granulating machine can be related to signal processing parameters transmitted PC or the control room through PROFIBUS.

6. The Rotating shell hole for Sharp nozzle, has the following advantages: 

(1)Residual small size, Suffered from the drop of the Rotating shell to the surface adsorption of reduced to the minimum extent.Drop slightly by the strip of adsorption will fall off, a beautiful particle shape, High particle thickness, Unit's quality is big, the product testing, Similar particle thickness higher than imports.

(2) After shedding of drops, not leave residue, Even if the blood does not leave residue products, do not affect next molding of drops. Also no conglutination and carbonization, Long run without clean.

(3)Installation of the machine head operation tilt requirements lax, The roughness of the strip and deformation of the request is not a very harsh, Easy-to-use, convenient adjustment, adaptability, and in line with actual production requirements.

(4)Reduce the tensile stress of the steel belt, Increase the life of the steel belt.

(5) Operation and maintenance simple, Workers in general can operate without specialized training.