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Rebo Drop former Granulator Technology Source

The source of SHANG HAI REBO GRANULATOR’S technology comes from German. Mr. Yang Haibo who is the board chairman of ShangHai rebo Granulator had been begun to work in SANDVIK in the end of 1992, accepted the system of training of Germany granulator expert Wolfgang Weber, many times with the German experts to participate in the granulator installation, debugging, maintenance and rehabilitation. accumulated a wealth of practical experience. On the basis of digestion and absorption the highest granulation technology of Germany, reformed the core technology of drop former granulator, invented a new generation of Sharp nozzle Granulation Systems, and accepted China’s national patent. In 1998 Jinan refinery use of sulphur granulation machine is based on the first generation of the patented technology. In 2000, Mr. Yang established the "Shanghai Rebo granulator CO.,LTD" in Shanghai,

begun to the drop former granulator made in the domestic promotion and application. Mr. Yang and the domestic powder industry experts transformed some companies. Such as the QiLu Petrochemical, DaQing Petrochemical, Dushanzi Petrochemical, Nanyang oilfield, the United States of Honeywell, the United States of B.B.S. German technology has been done on the full digestion and absorption. Innovation and improvements are better than imported equipment, and more in line with domestic needs devices, which show that the technological level of Shanghai Rebo granulator machine is better than foreign  machine; Up to now, the technical level of Shanghai Rebo granulator machine has been from the first generation (G1) to eighth (G8).

Granulating Process of Sharp nozzle Granulation Systems